modules - limited edition

bocote & pearwood - 12 × 12 × 12 cm

Unit is a modular table-top object that transforms into numerous patterns, shapes and volumes. Sixteen complementary units form a primitive cube, made of two contrasting kinds of precious wood.

There are essentially two parts that selectively complement or contrast eachother into various interesting arrangements ranging from more or less two-dimensional patterns to new voluminous and sculptural objects.

Each individual unit has both a organic, curvy surface, as well as a strict straight-lined geometric side to it; revealing its masculin and feminin characteristics like yin and yang.

Unit reignites our child-like spirit of discovery and expression through play. The various kinds of wood add texture, warmth and most importantly, tactility to this timeless piece.

Unit is made-to-order as a limited edition of 12 sets. Available in different kinds of woods and in a luxury gift box.