Fabien Franzen / Designer / Artisan

I'm an independent designer from Belgium, with a background in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. Through the years my activities diversified, and as a graphic designer and developer I have had the privilege to work with other professionals in the fields of design, photography and art.

However, in recent years I started to miss working with my hands and translating ideas into a tangible shape more directly. I have always felt strongly for craftsmanship and making things, and as such I don't really make a distinction between being a designer or a maker myself.

Along the way I try to learn as much as I can about the different techniques and materials involved, and during this process I have acquired several skills that enable me to develop my ideas further, such as working with leather, or using current CNC tools for example.

By taking control of these modern processes too, I am able turn a mere machine into a tool that closely fits my own hands, so to speak, lifting any limitations it would otherwise impose. This allows me to blend both traditional and contemporary means.

With ensomono I set out to create several collections of objects and products around the notion of contemporary craftsmanship, bringing together different ideas, skills and most importantly, connecting people who are passionate about their craft.